About SteelHawk Homes

Steelhawk Homes is a Native-owned company which designs pre-built, steel structure homes, and is located in the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, Quebec. Our company’s goal is to address an existing and growing demand from First Nations communities for quality housing at an affordable price. Steelhawk Homes is also the only pre-built housing company in Quebec that builds homes utilizing light steel structure technology exclusively. As a Native-owned company that clearly understands Native housing issues, Steelhawk Homes is uniquely positioned to meet the housing needs of First Nations people.


Increased First Nations frustration with rapidly increasing housing construction costs has driven demand for affordable housing, creating a new market segment within the First Nations housing industry. Using the efficiencies of pre-built (also known as pre-fabricated) home construction, Steelhawk Homes will make quality housing available without a high price tag. Traditional site-built wood structure homes can cost $125-$250 plus/square foot within the province of Quebec. Our company’s approach is to offer significantly less expensive homes while offering a higher level of quality, sustainability, construction speed, and continual savings on future utility bills.

Steelhawk Homes will be offering housing options that are not only affordable, but also offer a healthier indoor environment and a lower environmental impact when compared to traditional site-built or pre-fabricated homes. Specifically, Steelhawk Homes will reduce natural resource use and construction waste through the use of recyclable light steel framing, increase energy efficiency, and improve indoor air quality. As compared to homes that are made of wood, our steel structured homes exhibit a lower environmental impact in both the production phase (through factory efficiencies), as well as the “actual live-in” phase (through utility efficiencies such as reduced electricity consumption).

Our company recognizes that First Nation customers have varying desires and value a certain amount of customization when considering housing construction; hence we offer a selection of home options. First Nations communities in Quebec are currently underserved in terms of home construction, and their housing options are very limited. Quality customer service and attention to detail will always be a hallmark of Steelhawk Homes, and our company’s in-depth understanding of the frustrations and obstacles that First Nation communities face when dealing with their unique housing requirements will be essential in meeting our customers’ housing needs.

Why should you work with SteelHawk Homes?

  • We are a 100% Native owned company.

  • We have first hand experience of the realities of the housing challenges facing First Nations communities in Canada.

  • We have a team of experienced home builders.

  • We promote local economic development.

SteelHawk Advantages:

  • Saving on material cost. SteelHawk negotiates directly with manufacturers so we can obtain better pricing on all materials used to build homes. Also as more material is purchased price advantages can also be obtained.

  • Labour costs: SteelHawk is able to use abundant local labour to build components that are then transported to areas where labour is more expensive. Transporting highly skilled labour is not necessary, and these savings are passed on directly to the consumer.

  • Better way of building: steel is superior to wood framing in many ways. Less expensive, faster speed of construction, longer lasting, and more energy efficient.

  • Flexible working arrangements: SteelHawk is focused on the needs of First Nation housing. We understand that communities have different needs, styles, preferences and available labour. We are able to tailor our product offering to the specific needs of your community.

  • House Quality: SteelHawk builds homes that are designed to last longer than traditional wood framed houses. This includes the design the workmanship and the selection of materials.

  • Speed: SteelHawk homes are 80% constructed in factory and thus reduce time needed on site to erect the home. This allows us to build homes much faster.

  • Creation of local employment: We are focused on creating jobs in communities and seek at all times to hire locals or to partner with local contractors.